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Twitter Tends for Korea now on Twendr

Twitter has just rolled out Korea as a new trend locations for a total of 153. That’s the “World”, 35 Countries and 117 Cities!

Naturally, Twendr is now following the Korean trends.

just to be clear, by Korea I mean WOEID: 23424868 ( WOEID is the “Where on Earth ID”)

So yes, Twendr is Gangnam Style!!

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Twendr – Now in 70 more Locations

on Monday April 11 Twitter rolled out 70 more locations to the previous 42 location (the “World”, 20 Counties and 21 Cities) .

Thankfully I had planed for this and it was trivial to to import and support the new locations. But still, OMG!! We now have 111 locations : the “World”, 31 Counties and 79 cities .

The United States now has 48 cities. Only 12 counties do not have any cities. The UK has 4 cites; Canada has 3 (Montreal and Vancouver join Toronto, so we can see Stanley Cup buzz : ) Japan (and Tokyo) are new, as are United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nigeria and South Africa.

poor hamster 🙂

Twendr, your Global Twitter Trend Dashboard

If you are a news, twitter or trend junkie, then Twendr is for for you!
Located at it shows you at a glance what’s happening across geography’s (or time, for a single place), using trending topics on Twitter.

What are “trending topics” you ask? From Twitter :

From news stories to the latest buzz about movies or music, the trending topics reflect what new or newsworthy topics are occupying the most people’s attention on Twitter at any one time..

See Twitter’s document About Trending Topics for more.

Twitter reports (as of Dec 2010) on the “World”, 20 Counties and 21 Cities , but only shows you one place at a time. 😦

Twendr will show you what’s happening in the World and across various Countries, or a Country and the Cities in that Country. For a particular place, you can also see how trending topics have changed or gotten more popular, by looking at that locations “Last Hour”.

I do some jquery to highlight where else a trending topic phrase is trending, or when, and opening the links lets you search for that phrase on Twitter.

Now 20 Countries is a lot of Countries – even if you have a big monitor! – but you can hide Counties your not focused on by using the “Visibility” light bulb button to hide or show locations. As well, you can Drag and Sort the order that locations are show in. The “Visibility” light bulb button will also let you “restore” the default order.

Twitter tries to refresh it’s trending topics every 5 minutes and I’m pouncing on it as soon as I can.

Twendr is a project of Connected Thinking – me – and is built on JQuery & Ruby on Rails. Of Coruse there is a Twiiter account for Twendr @Twendr for quick updates and related information, as well a a blog for more detailed posts and help at

Try it; tell your friends; let me know what you think; and Enjoy watching the trends flow. 🙂

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Twendr V0.4 brings you the world

Twendr is now reporting on all 20 Countries, 21 Cities and the World supported for tends. It’s refreshed approximately every 5 (to 6) minutes.

All this made possible by using the server. (And a back end cron  job invoking wget every minute to see want needs to be re polled off of the afore mentioned api end point. It’s hamsters all the way down!)

Coming soon-ish : a bigger boat and a re write to add that new jet engine….

Twendr V0.03 less Style, more Functionality

This iteration involved a major rebuild of the front end. The styling in even more minimalist, but allows for that more functionality.

It can now accommodate a long list of counties, or cities within a country (as in The United States).  If there are more than shown on your screen then it allow you to scroll to the right to see additional columns. In order to manage that long list (currently 20 counties plus the world), you can hide any column via the light bulb “visibility” button : , which opens the “Show / Hide Columns” dialog box:

Guess what that does! You can Hide a column by selecting a Name with the “Minus” button, or make it visible if it is already hidden then by selecting a Name with a “Plus” button. You can also make all hide columns visible at once by using the “Show all” button at the bottom. The light bulb “visibility” button with tell you how many hidden columns have been hidden on a page with a small red number (in this case 9) :

You can also Sort the columns on a page by grabbing the column and dragging it to a new position.  The original positions can be returned by using the “Restore Order” button in the “Show / Hide Columns” dialog box.

I’ve corrected at least one spelling error (thanks Boro and Lee), hopefully without introducing new ones.  Maybe 🙂

It’s now been tested on FireFox 3.6+, Chrome 9.0.597+ Safari 5+, and the IE 9 beta. I does work in IE8 (just not with the nice CSS3 round corners) and on a Apple iPad (with 2 finger scrolling).

All in all this gives me a nice and shinny front end and lends me to the next task of re-factoring the back-end with a bigger and more hungry hamster!

By all means give me your thoughts, feedback and support!!

Announcing Twendr

Very (very) early version of Twendr is up for you to play with at

What’s Twendr?

A Twitter Trends dashboard that, at a glance, shows you what’s happening across geography’s (or time, for a single place).

Who’s if for?

if you are a news, twitter or trending junkie then it’s for you!

How does it work?

The landing page shows “The World” and across the original 6 countries tracked (Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States)

The “Last Hour” page shows you, for that place, the trends going back ~1 hour in 5 minute increments.

For all trend phrases :

  • if you hover over them, it highlights the trend phrase.
  • if you click on them, it opens a page on Twitter Search for that trend phrase.

The pages refresh, automagically, every 5 minutes with the freshest trend data from the twitters.

Currently the site is powered by a (very) small hamster. (actually a Heroku Cloud server and Ruby on Rails, Jquery, CSS and coffee – lots and lots of coffee!)

Please be nice to the hamster!

Whats Next?

  1. A bigger hamster!
  2. Some styling!   Yes, it is very plain, so a basic coat of paint will get applied. (anyone want to design a logo?) as of Twendr V0.02 with more Style (Nov 23 2010)
  3. More data!   Twitter announced on November 15th 2010: “More Cities, More Trends, More Understanding“.   That means 13 new countries (Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Venezuela) and 6 new cities (Detroit, Miami, Minneapolis, Rio De Janeiro, Sydney, Toronto) to the previous 18 cities.   I’m going to need a Bigger Boat! (Feb 11 2011) I’m still going to need a Bigger Boat!
  4. “Across” pages for countries showing the country and any cities in that country. So for Canada it will show Canada and Toronto, for the United States it will show the US and 19 cites currently tracked. (Jan 15 2011)
  5. Show trends for the “Last Day” (each hour for the previous 24 hours) and the “”Last Week” (each day for the previous 7 days).
  6. Be able to query it to show what the trends for a given date and geography.

This is very beta, and I need your feedback. (please!)

Let me know what you think, what you find, and what you like!