Tool of the French Goverment?

Okay, maybe not quite but, Capteurs (or Sensor) is the newsletter of Service d’information de Government of France and listed Twendr in the toolbox in their June edition.

As translated by Google:

Twendr offers a complete dashboard of the “trending topics” on Twitter throughout the world to follow what concerns twittos. Remember, these “most discussed topics” are the expressions or the most used hashtags on Twitter at a time T and grouped into a top 10.

Displayed in columns, Twendr compares the global trending topics and 111 locations: 31 countries (U.S., France, UAE, Nigeria, Japan …) and 79 cities (Montreal, London, Sao Paulo … ).

For each of these places, we find the top 10 “concerns”, refreshed every 5 minutes. Throughout history, the interface can also monitor the grading on the last hour.

To customize the dashboard, it is possible to display only certain places by checking or unchecking them in the options settings

Vive La France!


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