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Mashable links to TwendR

Mashable’s story Social Media Reacts to Marrakesh Bombing links to Twendr!

As we’ve seen during other major events and disasters, people turn to social media channels to share information, prayers and images. And today people have again turned to Twitter, YouTube and other social sites to share news out of Morocco. Marrakesh (or Marrakech) is a trending Twitter topic in Spain, France and the Netherlands, according to Twendr.

Awesome traffic results! I wish it had been a happier event.


Twendr : Around The Rézo

The french web site “Around The Rézo” or Autour du Rezo has a nice write up on TwendR (post 70 plus) TwendR : un outil en ligne pour connaître les tweets qui enflamment chaque pays. which reads “TwendR: an online tool to find out the tweets that ignite each country.”

TwendR takes the concept of the “trending topics” that are on the official page of Twitter, but with more advanced features.

see the Goggle translate version or read the real deal. Merci beaucoup!

Twendr – Now in 70 more Locations

on Monday April 11 Twitter rolled out 70 more locations to the previous 42 location (the “World”, 20 Counties and 21 Cities) .

Thankfully I had planed for this and it was trivial to to import and support the new locations. But still, OMG!! We now have 111 locations : the “World”, 31 Counties and 79 cities .

The United States now has 48 cities. Only 12 counties do not have any cities. The UK has 4 cites; Canada has 3 (Montreal and Vancouver join Toronto, so we can see Stanley Cup buzz : ) Japan (and Tokyo) are new, as are United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nigeria and South Africa.

poor hamster 🙂