Monthly Archives: December 2010

Twendr V0.03 less Style, more Functionality

This iteration involved a major rebuild of the front end. The styling in even more minimalist, but allows for that more functionality.

It can now accommodate a long list of counties, or cities within a country (as in The United States).  If there are more than shown on your screen then it allow you to scroll to the right to see additional columns. In order to manage that long list (currently 20 counties plus the world), you can hide any column via the light bulb “visibility” button : , which opens the “Show / Hide Columns” dialog box:

Guess what that does! You can Hide a column by selecting a Name with the “Minus” button, or make it visible if it is already hidden then by selecting a Name with a “Plus” button. You can also make all hide columns visible at once by using the “Show all” button at the bottom. The light bulb “visibility” button with tell you how many hidden columns have been hidden on a page with a small red number (in this case 9) :

You can also Sort the columns on a page by grabbing the column and dragging it to a new position.  The original positions can be returned by using the “Restore Order” button in the “Show / Hide Columns” dialog box.

I’ve corrected at least one spelling error (thanks Boro and Lee), hopefully without introducing new ones.  Maybe 🙂

It’s now been tested on FireFox 3.6+, Chrome 9.0.597+ Safari 5+, and the IE 9 beta. I does work in IE8 (just not with the nice CSS3 round corners) and on a Apple iPad (with 2 finger scrolling).

All in all this gives me a nice and shinny front end and lends me to the next task of re-factoring the back-end with a bigger and more hungry hamster!

By all means give me your thoughts, feedback and support!!